Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike Review (Based on 10 Month Old Using it)

little likes 4 in 1 trike 10 month old
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I spent hours and hours researching staged trikes in October and November last year. We were looking for one as a gift for our son, who was to be 10 months old at Christmas.

After checking out online reviews, looking around and asking friends with children, we settled on the Little Tikes 4 in 1 trike.

Our Rating

Our rating is 4.5 out of 5 based on a 10 month old using it. Read on for more details.

Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike Price

We paid £59.99 for ours just before Christmas. The RRP is £69.99 so we felt as though we’d gotten a deal, to be honest! However, at the moment, you can get it on Amazon for £52.49 (very specific price). I’ve updated that as of May 2017.


Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike Assembly

Ok, let me be honest. My approach to assembling anything at all like this (whether it’s a trike or a cupboard) is to take one look at the instruction manual, huff and puff about the fact these things don’t come pre-assembled and then pass it on to my husband while uttering something to the effect of how inefficient these things are.

So I didn’t assemble it myself.

That said, my other half is no pro when it comes to things like this, but he managed to get it up and running in about 30 minutes, so I’m going to make an assumption that the Little Likes 4 in 1 isn’t particularly complex to assemble.

How does it fit for a 10 month old?

little likes 4 in 1 trike 10 month old

So, at Christmas, my son was 10 months old. He’s quite a big lad – 75th centile for heigh and weight and when we took him out on it he had a padded snow suit on. All of those things should be taken into account when I say that it was a great size for him. The 5 point harness was easy to use and easily adjustable too. His feet could easily get on the rest (though he preferred to leave them dangling down most of the time – fortunately he’s not long enough that they dragged on the floor)!

He was comfortable on it and enjoyed a 30 minute walk out on it.

Of course, the sun canopy was a huge attraction for my son, who decided this was the best drum he had ever seen in his life!

He’s 11 months now and when we go out on it now he’ll typically hold on to the handlebars more than he did. He giggles, smiles and enjoys his time out on the bike.

So I’d call that a thumbs up for the Little Tikes 4 in 1 from my son.

Little Tikes 4 in 1 Trike Steering

At stage 1, the steering is controlled by Mum and Dad. After seeing my son attempt to navigate his way around the couch on his feet, I can see why.

The handle at the back controls the steering and this isn’t as straightforward as it looks.

I’ve seen the ads. I’ve seen people effortlessly steering this sort of trike around while their young child coos in the sunshine.

It didn’t quite work out like that for me. It felt a little unsteady the first couple of times I did it. And, particularly when going up and down pavements, I worried it might tip if I didn’t take it really slowly. Perhaps it’s just because I’m used to pushing a pram rather than a bike, but I found it quite difficult to steer the first couple of times.

I’ve gotten used to it over the past month or so, but it’s worth noting. Of course, I don’t have any other similar product to compare it to. Perhaps it’s just the nature of this kind of trike.

That said, I’m used to it now and have no problem taking him out on the trike.

Little Likes 4 in 1 Trike Review

Based on the value for money against similar products, my son’s enjoyment and ease of assembly, I would definitely recommend this product. Take your time with the steering in the early days though!

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