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One Small Human is where I write about the good, bad, ugly and bizarre about life with two young sons.

I’m Stacey – a digital marketing professional and agency director by day. In 2015, I became a Mum and I unapologetically became one of those who (over?)shares photos, posts and all sorts of stories about life with my two boys.

So now I share it here on this blog – mostly to give my Facebook friends a break 😉

A Bit About Us

Me, my husband and our two young sons live near Manchester. My husband and I both work in marketing. My eldest son is into toy cars and Thomas the Tank Engine. My youngest has so far only exhibited any interest in milk.

Get in Touch

I love hearing from people – except spammers and PPI claims management companies :-/ But do get in touch to ask questions, share anecdotes, tell jokes or just say hi. You can get me on Twitter or you can email me at:

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