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One Small Human is where I write about the good, bad, ugly and bizarre about life with two young sons.

I’m Stacey – a digital marketing professional and micro business owner by day. In 2015, I became a Mum and I unapologetically became one of those who (over?)shares photos, posts and all sorts of stories about life with my two boys.

So now I share it here on this blog – mostly to give my Facebook friends a break 😉

A Bit About Us

Me, my husband and our two young sons live near Manchester. I left an agency director role to go freelance and then set up my own small consultancy after my second son was born (I write about my freelancing and micro business activities here). My husband is full time in the business with me.

Our eldest son is at school and his main interests are trains and talking about poo. Our youngest is at nursery and he too likes trains and poo.

They’re a delight.

Get in Touch

I love hearing from people – except spammers and PPI claims management companies :-/ But do get in touch to ask questions, share anecdotes, tell jokes or just say hi. You can get me on Twitter or you can email me at:

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