Toy Reviews

So, what qualifies me to write toy reviews?

Once upon a time, the only junk lying around the house was mine. Headphones, gadgets, make up, hairbrushes. I’ll be honest – I’ve never been a neat freak.

But now my house is constantly cluttered with toys. My toddler isn’t happy unless there’s barely enough floor space to move and if I’m not tripping over toy cars, then I’m skidding across the floor on them.

With so many in the house, we’ve started to write toy reviews to try and help out those thinking about making a purchase. We won’t be reviewing all of our sons’ toys (there aren’t enough hours in the day). But we’ll pick out a selection and post them right here on the blog.

As far as toy reviews go, don’t expect anything too technical. I probably won’t share dimensions, spec etc. I tend to look at reviewing toys as being a process of telling you guys how many son enjoys something and the general quality and value for money.

I tend to post a lot of thoughts and photos of our boys and their toys over on Instagram too. Hope to see you there!

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