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Those three there are my wonderful, wild, chaotic and super sons. And this is where I write about the disasters, madness and wonderful days out with kids, experiences and other parenting stuff. Does the world need anymore Mum blogs? Probably not. But I find it therapeutic and my eldest sons love joining in reviewing their days out. 

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Family Travel Reviews

We write about family friendly holidays and little trips we take. These are generally all across the UK (with lots in Scotland cos, well, we love it).

Days out with Kids

Our reviews of various family friendly days out across the UK. Lots of these are North of England (that's where we live) but we to write about days out further afield too.

3 Nights at Forty Green Farm Cottage

I really don’t like being in hotels with our toddler (unless they have suites with separate bedrooms which invariably costs a fortune). Oliver having his

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Family Days Out Reviews


The Highland Folk Museum Review

We visited the Highland Folk museum on a sunny August afternoon. And honestly, I think it might be the best museum (anywhere) I’ve ever taken the kids to. Here’s our review.

Child in Deck747 Flight sim

Deck 747 Flight Sim – My 8 Year Old’s Review

Deck 747 is the UK’s first flight sim built into a real aircraft. Taking part of a retired BA 747, this venue has created a realistic, fun and entertaining flight sim sure to keep aviation mad kids (and adults) entertained. Our eldest received a sim experience for Christmas and we went back for his birthday party. Here’s our review of both of those experiences.

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best sleeping pods - alternative to sleepyhead

Alternatives to the DockaTot (formerly Sleepyhead)

I loved the Sleepyhead with my middle and youngest sons, though I was last using one in 2020 before the product became “Dock a tot.” Nonetheless, I considered several alternative options and I’ve outlined them all here for those shopping around for alternative baby sleeping pods.

Lego Advent Calendars 2020

Generally, I treat my sons to toy advent calendars each Christmas. I like to think of it as something of an early Christmas present. Amongst

Talking Money

Life with three sons is a wonderful combination of chaos and excitement, with a healthy dose of STRESS. Some posts from very non-Instagrammable days.

Read them all.