Gro Anywhere Blind – A Must Have for Baby’s Bedroom

Gro Blind Review
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It’s not been long since we moved Oliver into his own room. When we first moved him, it was still light mornings and nights. Now the dark nights are setting in and we have the ‘pleasure’ of a house build behind us with epic bright floodlights on all night shining right through our son’s window.

So a black out blind has been an essential purchase and having already bought and loved a number of products by Gro, we decided to give the Gro Blind a go. Here’s our review of this portable black out blind from the Gro Company.


Our Gro Blind Review

We rate the Gro Blind 5/5.

It’s advertised as a portable black out blind and does indeed come in a carry bag you could easily fit into a small suitcase, hand luggage bag or rucksack. We go on weekends away quite frequently to see family and similar, so this will be handy.

The blind itself has a lovely design on the side that faces into the room:

groblind design

Very cute.

On the side that attaches to the window, there’s a combination of velcro and suckers. The suckers go straight onto the glass and hold the blind in place very easily. And the velcro helps you to adjust the blind to the size of your window.

I’d like to claim that it only took me 5 minutes to put up. But, that would be a lie. I didn’t do it. It did only take my husband 5 minutes to put up though and it looks lovely in his room:

groblind up at a window

groblind review


His room is pitch black at night, which results in him sleeping better. And he isn’t disturbed by the floodlights at the back of our house. I’m also hopeful that when next summer comes along, we’ll get an extra couple of hours in the morning as opposed to having him up and wide eyed at 4am!

At less than £30, this is a bargain. And it really easy to take with you on your travels and add to a new window at your destination.

[Update – Jan 2020] You can currently get the Gro Blind from the Gro Company on Amazon for £19.99 at the time of writing.

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