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Rainforest Jumperoo Review
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A friend has a son around 6 weeks older than Oliver and she shared a video of her son in a Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo a couple of months ago. It looked brilliant and her son was clearly having an absolute ball in there. At the same time, we were starting to look into doorframe bouncers or similar to let our little fella have a play on his legs a bit more.

But having seen the Jumperoo, we decided to spend a little more than we’d planned and bag one. It was a good call. Oliver loves it.

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo Review

It’s more expensive than a typical doorframe bouncer. Price vary from retailer to retailer from around £89.99 up to £114.99. So our expectations were higher in line with it.

It does require a little assembly, though not much. The hardest part was getting the fabric on the seat! But all in all, we had it assembled within about half an hour.

There are loads of toys surrounding the main jumper, which is supported by a round frame with 3 poles. The seat spins (though my little fella isn’t quite able to spin himself around yet) in order that the child can access all the toys around them. These include a panel at the front that plays music and sounds:

Rainforest jumperoo fisher price

It also includes a butterly with crinkly wings that my little boy just loves holding (and chewing)!

jumperoo rainforest butterfly

The seat is a generous size but snug at the same time. I’m quite happy that a very fast growing Oliver will fit in it for months yet.

fisher price rainforest jumperoo

There are 3 height settings, though even on the first one Oliver still can’t quite reach the floor! We’re putting a cushion down for him at the moment. He’s almost there though.

What age can you use a Jumperoo from?

Our son has had pretty amazing leg strength from day 1, despite arriving 3 weeks early. Similarly, he’s been hold his head up from very early too and rolled over at 9 weeks.

Mothercare seems to recommend 6 months, but the official Fisher Price advice says as soon as they can hold their heady steady. We let Oliver play in his at 3 and a half months and he was absolutely fine. He loves it.

Value for Money?

We paid over £80 for our Jumperoo. And compare that to the £15 – £20 for a doorframe bouncer we were considering and we wanted a lot from it.

We got it, though. I think it’s the best thing we’ve bought our son to date. We don’t leave him in there for more than 5 or 10 minutes at a time (though this might increase as he gets older). But he plays in it several times a day and he really does love it.

Worth the money, for sure!

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo Price

[Update May 2017] The Fisher Price Jumperoo retailed at well over £100.00 in some places. However, it appears to have been discontinued in many places and replaced with newer models. You can get similar products from about £55 over on Amazon.

rainforest jumperoo



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