Melissa and Doug Service Station, Parking and Car Wash Review

Melissa and Doug service station car wash
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I love wooden toys. In an age where it seems everything is electronic, there’s something so refreshing about more traditional toys and that’s probably why I’m a little bit in love with Melissa and Doug’s range of toys.

Our son turned two at the end of February and, given that he absolutely loves pretty much anything with wheels and anything to do with anything with wheels, he received a lot of cars and related toys.

One of his favourites was his new Melissa and Doug service station, parking garage and car wash. He was actually already familiar with the toy as he’s seen it featured in a lot of videos on Youtube. So he was delighted to receive it.

From my point of view, I was delighted to see him enjoy a toy that doesn’t come with any migraine inducing sound effects (there really are only so many V Tech toot toot car songs you can listen to before the insanity sets in).

Anyway, I digress. Here’s what we think of the Melissa and Doug car wash, service station and parking garage.

Melissa and Doug car wash/service station review

The first thing to note here is that, as with all Melissa and Doug toys, we find the quality to be really great. They’re sturdy and well designed and so far, Oliver’s car wash has survived a dozen or so falls from table height and being sat on by a not-so-small two year old. Win.

It comes with two wooden cars that are the perfect size for the parking spaces and the car wash. But of course, our toddler prefers trying to shove other cars that are far too big through the car wash. Still, the toy survives…

In terms of elements our toddler likes the most, he likes to fill the cars with petrol using the (super cute) shoe lace design petrol pump and he likes to move cars up and down on the elevator.

Melissa and Doug service station car wash

A Toot Toot bus gets refuelled at the service station

To be honest, he also likes to hide chewed up and spat out bits of banana in the garage bit but that’s not really relevant.

He’ll play with this toy for half an hour at a time and at least once a day. It has been his go to toy now for the 6 weeks since his birthday.

What’s the price?

You can get Melissa and Doug toys in a few shops in the UK including the Entertainer. I typically head straight for Amazon because it’s just easier and I’m a lazy Prime member who can’t be bothered putting my card details in for every purchase. But anyway…

This particular toy is currently £24.99 on Amazon at the time of writing (10th April 2017).

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