Feeling Sleepy with the Fisher-Price® Butterfly Dreams™ 2-in-1 Soother

baby with Fisher-Price DYW48 butterfly Dreams 2-in-1 Soother
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Our youngest, Ethan, is generally a great little sleeper. But where we definitely have had bad nights is getting him down to sleep in the first place. We’ve never nursed him off to sleep or used milk to get him to sleep and we’re keen that he settles himself. But some nights that gets him grumpy! Once he’s asleep, he’s fantastic though.

So I jumped at the chance to review the Fisher-Price® Butterfly Dreams™ 2-in-1 Soothe (provided free of charge for review purposes).

The Fisher Price Butterfly Dreams 2-in-1 Soother

The product comes in 2 parts – the light and sound element itself and then an adorable little “snuggie” that comes with it. Ethan has taken to that!

Fisher-Price DYW48 butterfly Dreams 2-in-1 Soother

Having a Closer Look

This is dead easy to use! There are a few buttons on the back including:

  • The timer slider, allowing you choose from 3 settings how long you’d like it on for. We like half an hour!
  • A volume button
  • A button to turn the moon and stars lights projector on
  • A button to switch the colour changing backlight on and off
  • A button to switch the music on and off
  • A button to switch white noise on and off

We usually use the projector, no back light and 30 mins with music. This is what Ethan has taken to over the past week.

Before making any change to his bedtime routine, we wanted to let Ethan have a little look so we gave him time to poke around and have a little look.

baby with Fisher-Price DYW48 butterfly Dreams 2-in-1 Soother

At Night Time

We let him have a closer look in the dark too:

baby playing with nightlight in the dark

The first night, when we laid Ethan down after his usual bedtime routine (milk, bath and a story), we left on the side unit near his cot. Expecting his usual wriggling and grumping, we were pleasantly surprised to watch him on the monitor cooing away for  few minutes before drifting off to sleep.

Thinking it might be a fluke, we were equally pleased when the same happened the next day… and the next. It really helps to soothe him.

An Unexpected Hit with Our Toddler

stars and moon nightlightOne thing we were not expecting was our 2 and a half year old to take a shine to it! We’ve literally been waiting for Ethan to drop off and then going off and pinching it from his room to put in our toddler’s room! Oliver normally has just a moon and stars projector light but is taken with the better quality of lights on the Fisher Price one and loves the music too.

I’m clearly going to have to buy one so they have one each!!

What we Love and What We’d Change

This is a complete hit with us. As I said, I’ll probably end up going buying one for our tot!

We love:

  • Ease of use
  • Quality of the music. Some similar toys have really poor sound quality and this is great
  • Flexible options – you can have music or no music, a back light or not back light or even white noise
  • The little snuggie, which Ethan cuddles up to
  • Quality of lights. Even in a room with high ceilings the moon and stars are really clear

We’d improve:

  • I’d much prefer a volume slider to a button. At the moment, if we want to turn the volume from, say, the second setting to the first, we have to press the button and flick through all 4 volume settings to get back to the one we want. This means that for a split second we have to have the music quite loud. So it’s by no means a massive issue, but would be easily eradicated with a volume slider in place of the button


Most definitely. We’ll be getting one from our tot and we only wish we’d had it for months with our baby!

You can get one at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fisher-Price-DYW48-Butterfly-Dreams-Soother/dp/B06XK3TMGT.


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