The Countdown to Christmas is ON (#sorrynotsorry)

The Countdown to Christmas is ON (#sorrynotsorry)
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I’m a big fan of Christmas. But this year my oldest son (currently 2.5) is already excited and that’s making me even more excited!

A conversation that took place in August:

Tot: Can I have my Christmas tree?

Me: Not yet! We need to wait for Christmas!

Tot: Let’s go to Christmas now!

Me: We can’t go to Christmas, sweetheart. We have to wait for Christmas to come to us.

But it’s fast on its way!

Yeh, yeh…there’s more than a quarter of the year to go. But I always start preparing in September. I’ve been looking at Christmas events, planning presents and checking out the retailers who’ve already got their Christmas lines online (Matalan, I love you).

And you know what? I’m not even sorry!



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