Counting Down to Christmas

christmas countdown
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Yes, it’s only October. But I’m already getting excited for Christmas. It’ll be Oliver’s 3rd Christmas and the first time he’s properly been excited about it. And it’s Ethan’s first Christmas. So we’ve a lot to look forward to.

My husband is NOT a Christmassy sort. In fact, if it were his call we’d have the tree up for no more than a few days and there’d be no mention of it until 20th December.

Fortunately, our 2 and a half year old is very much on my team. And I’ve taught him how to sing Jingle Bells (very loudly). Turns out he loves that song and wants to sing it constantly now. This works for me. And given how bloody cute he is, it makes it very difficult for the husband not to enjoy it.

So yes, it’s a little on the early side, but I’m practically already decking the halls.

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