Cheap Garden Fun with Giant Chalk!

playing with chalk in the garden
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I’ve been loving this weather of late, though was glad for it to cool down a touch today. Once the showers cleared up this morning, we had a lovely 20 degrees or so and sunshine in the garden.

While I was out shopping earlier, I stumbled across a pack of 4 giant playground chalk pieces. At £3, this became something of a spontaneous purchase and turned out to be the best £3 I’ve spent!

Oliver had so much fun. We drew a hop scotch grid, drew the alphabet on garden tiles and drew giant vehicles he stood in and pretended to drive.

toddler playing with giant chalk

He ended up covered in chalk, of course!

happy toddler playing with chalk in the garden

He loved the hop scotch grid and it took me right back to my primary school days. It might take this little man a bit of practice to get the hang of it, mind.


Where’d you get the chalk from?!

Personally, I picked these ones up in Matalan:

However, since checking out Amazon, I’ve seen some cracking deals on big tubs with far more colours in.

This looks like good value:

Of course, you could just use any old chalk you happen to have. But our toddler absolutely loved the big ones and enjoyed drawing on the floor with them too.

A cheap and fun way to spend an hour or two in the garden with my 2 year old! We’ll be doing that again!

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