Picnics in the Rain – The Great British Summertime

Picnic in the rain in the garden
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Oliver has been asking to go for a picnic (or a “picpic,” as he calls it) for the best part of two weeks now. But, as ever, the Great British weather simply has not been playing ball one bit.

We’ve had two lovely days in the past couple of weeks – both falling while we were away. And since then? Rain, a bit more rain and the odd absolute downpour.

Our initial plan was to pack up some sandwiches, head to Oliver’s favourite reservoir and get dressed up in our favourite summery clothes (I’ve a dress courtesy of Debenhams that I’ve been dying for an excuse to wear). But we had a change of plan.

Ever so briefly yesterday, as I was cooking dinner (treat night – burgers!), we got a slight break in the cloud. So we packed up our burgers and a few drinks into a basket and headed for our garden. We might not have got the summer weather we were hoping for and we certainly didn’t get to don our summer wear, but we did out for a “picpic.” And Oliver had an absolute blast. He was talking about it right up until he went to sleep tonight.

picnic in the rain burgers

Burgers in the garden 🙂

Dinner in the garden on a blanket?! An absolute winner.

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  1. 9th July 2017 / 1:40 pm

    We’ve had many picnics in the garden, you can invite all the cuddly toys along too! I do feel quite jealous though because I’ve not seen any rain for weeks now and I’m kind of sizzling here!

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