best baby walkers on carpet

Best Baby Walkers for Carpet

With our third baby on the way, it’s back to thinking about all the things we might need to re-buy (no, we did not keep everything we should have kept from our previous two). We’re just about there with the essentials we’ll need from birth but we do need to think ahead to the months down the road.

A lot has changed for us since our youngest was a baby and one of the biggest changes is that we’ve moved house. In our former house, we had little carpet. It was cold on your toes but the little ones had plenty of space to whizz around in the baby walker.

Fast forward three and a bit years and we’ve got carpet everywhere but the kitchen in the new home. So we started thinking about how we’d be able to allow the little one to enjoy a baby walker when the house is mostly carpeted.

Turns out we’re not the only people hunting for advice on baby walkers for carpets and there are actually some models out there that have been designed with use on carpet in mind. So here are the notes we compiled from our research into the best baby walkers for use on carpet.

Best Baby Walkers for Carpet in Summary

ProductPriceNumber of Reviews on Amazon (as of May 2020)Avg Rating Based on ReviewsCheck it Out
Fascol Folding Baby Walker£66.992134.5Amazon
Red Kite Baby Go Round Twist£44.992774.3Amazon
MyChild Unicorn 2 in 1 Walker Rocker£59.99464.6Amazon
BabyMoov 2 in 1 Baby Walker£80.991104.4Amazon
BabyCo Baby Walker with Lights and Music£45.951094.6Amazon
Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Walker£59.991904.6Amazon

Fascol Folding Baby Walker

The round bottomed baby walkers always remind me of baby walkers from the 80s – the sort I’ve seen pictures of myself in. But there’s no doubting the wheels on this one look bigger than the wheels on more modern looking baby walkers do. In turn, I’d assume that to mean this baby walker may perform better on carpets and the like.

At the time of writing, it’s 200+ reviews on Amazon score it a respectable 4.5/5 and many of the positive reviews relate to its performance on carpet.

Of course, how well any baby walker, the Fascol included, performs on carpet will also come down to:

  • How thick the carpet is
  • How strong the baby is or how well he or she has been able to get around in the walker so far

In terms of key features to note:

  • 7 height settings – a massive improvement on the three you typically get with many popular baby walkers
  • 8 wheels – double the number of most of the walkers we’re talking about today
  • 360 degree wheels which should hopefully make a baby walker a little easier to use on carpet

So it’s not all down to the walker. But this one does have reviews praising it in use on carpet and rugs too. It’s certainly one on our shortlist.

Red Kite Baby Go Round Twist Walker

This one is particularly bright and colourful and has the removable foot mat at the bottom so can be used as a simple bouncer/chair before baby is strong enough to use it as a walker.

Other features it’s worth noting:

  • 3 height settings
  • Maximum weight of 12kg

I’ve had Red Kite products before and they’ve always represented good value for money and I am a big fan of toys on the front of walkers.

This is great value and comes in comfortably under £50. With smaller looking wheels though, I was curious as to how this baby walker might perform on carpet.

Reading through the reviews on Amazon, there’s plenty of praise for this baby walker, including its performance on carpet. One user suggests removing. the friction strips from the wheels for better performance on carpet but we’d suggest checking any warranty and manufacturer guidance before tampering with anything like that.

MyChild Unicorn 2 in 1 Walker

Another 2 in 1, the MyChild Unicorn baby walker can be used as a rocker/bouncer before baby is able to use it as a walker. A few key features to note:

  • Incredibly bright unicorn colour theme
  • Removable play tray
  • Easy cleaning

In terms of how this walker performs on carpet, plenty of users in the comments claim it works well for them. One suggests that the white stoppers supplied with it don’t have to be put on and it makes it easier to move on carpet without. But (sorry to be a killjoy) we’d again recommend consulting the manufacturer before you do anything outside of the ordinary when assembling a baby walker.

But this one looks adorable and again comes with plenty of toys to keep the little one entertained.

Babymoov 2 in 1 Baby Walker

I came across Babymoov products when looking at Sleepyhead alternatives a couple of weeks ago and as a brand, it appears to be remarkably well loved and reviewed. I’m a big fan of the design of this baby walker – I personally love greys for baby products. It’s available in other colours too but at the time of writing, those other colours appear pricier than what they call “zinc,” which is this one.

A few features to note:

  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Can be used as a rocker or a baby walker depending on baby’s size
  • 4 wheels
  • Adjustable height

There are safety stoppers on this product which a user in the reviews suggests you can remove to make it easier to move on carpet. But the same warnings as above apply here too – check with the manufacturer before tweaking the assembly.

Babyco Baby Walker with Lights and Music

Personally, I don’t think this a particularly great design as far as baby walkers go. It just doesn’t look as good as some of the other in my opinion. But the reason for its inclusion is the great value and good reviews.

Over 100 reviews (as of May 2020) give it a 4.6/5.

Some features to note:

  • Interactive tray table with music and lights
  • Tray is removable
  • Height adjustable

Users in the reviews and the Q&A comment that little ones have used this walker on carpet successfully but again depends very much on how thick the carpet is and how well baby is getting around in the walker to start with.

This certainly appears to be one of the better value offerings out there though as far as baby walkers go.

Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Walker

Even as a HUGE Disney fan, my instinct when I see any sort of Disney branded baby equipment is to make an immediate assumption that you’re going to pay over the odds for the branding. And this is indeed more expensive than some baby walkers in our list (though is by no means the most expensive).

However, what caught my eye is the reviews. Almost 200 reviews and a 4.6 rating made this seem like a product worth looking at.

Features of this baby walker include:

  • Quirky and unique Mickey Mouse inspired design
  • 3 different height settings
  • Machine washable seat pad
  • Wipe down cleaning for much of the baby walker

Of course, the main interest for me was whether or not this baby walker would work on carpet or rugs. I headed for the. Q&A and the review section to find out.

Users comment that their babies have used this baby walker successfully on carpet. Some suggest adaptations you can make to make it a little easier for babies on carpet but again, refer to the assembly instructions you get with it.

Is any baby walker ideal for carpet?

Well, probably not… I mean, for anyone trying to move something with wheels, it will always be. easier on a smooth surface than a carpet. But a look at multiple products shows some are better than others and with all of these, there were suggestions of people using them successfully on carpet.

My advice would be to read the reviews, do your homework and buy from somewhere you know you will be able to return easily (hence my love of Amazon) if it’s not quite what you need.

And if you happen to be someone whose baby is using a great baby walker on carpet and it isn’t in this list, please do let us know so we can add it!


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