Dinosaur Terrariums With the Boys

dinosaur terrarium for kids
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Our newest arrival was born just over two weeks ago and our eldest two boys (now 3 and 5) have been absolutely fabulous with him. Our eldest is incredibly loving and our generally-anything-but-gentle tornado of a three year old has been unbelievably gentle and sweet. But we’re keen to spend as much one on one time with our eldest two as we can given the lockdown situation and the new baby.

As it happened, we received some brilliant new baby gifts today from our lovely friends at The Urban Botanist and amongst them was a couple of their children’s dinosaur terrarium kits.

These kits are designed for little ones to enjoy building their own low maintenance plant terrarium themed with dinosaurs. And this was a great way to spend time doing something fun, creative and unique with our older two boys.

What’s in the box?

Everything you need to crack on with the job comes in the delivery:

Well packaged, everything you need to make your dinosaur terrarium wrapped up in the plastic fishbowl shaped container
Colourful gravel, live succulents, dinosaurs and decor
The all important instructions. To which my 3 year old paid zero attention 🤣

Everything you need is in the box. The choice of succulents as the plants makes for a low maintenance plant. The plant care guide that comes with it suggests they only need watering every other week or so. So I can be reasonably confident that even I cannot kill them. Famous last words, eh?

Putting it all together

Our youngest couldn’t wait to get to get started and the moment we showed it to him was hanging off my leg saying “Mummy, can we make the dinosaur house now?”

Our three year old getting stuck into terrarium building
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