Alternatives to Fresh Cut Flowers this Valentine’s Day

Alternatives to Fresh Cut Flowers this Valentine’s Day
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I LOVE a bunch of flowers 🌹 and there’s very little lovelier than someone sending some. But the more small eco-friendly changes I try to make in my life, the more difficult it becomes to justify the environmental cost of fresh cut flowers. So thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day next month, here are some alternatives to flowers that are more eco friendly and sustainable.


Just as pretty as a bunch of flowers and MUCH longer lasting, terrariums like these are a great alternative to flowers.

They come in a range of designs and sizes (therefore prices) and can be customised with fairy lights or wooden plaques with cute messages.

The great things about these:

  • Low maintenance plants like succulents and cacti mean they’ll last MUCH longer
  • Incredibly decorative
  • More of a keepsake gift that’ll still be there in a year than a bunch of flowers that’ll be dead by the time that Valentine’s promos are taken down from the supermarket shelves
  • You can get them in DIY kit format, so if your love is a little more on the creative side, you can buy them to assemble yourself rather than buying them fully assembled.

Exploding Photo and Memory Box

Not expensive to at all to buy, but will take lots of time. So it’ll be really clear to your loved one that you’ve put effort and thought into it.

These are treasures to be kept long term – and will certainly outlast that bouquet of flowers!

Paper Flowers

Still in love with flowers and really don’t want to give them up? But want something longer lasting?

Look at these 💗

Absolutely beautiful, made from an old map. You can keep them for years to come. And if for some reason you do decide to throw them out (why would you?) they’re recyclable.

Your Ideas?

Help me out… send me your ideas for alternatives to flowers for people who really do love flowers but find it hard to justify the environmental cost this Valentines.

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