The Bottom Lip

bottom lip
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My husband’s Mother came to visit us at the weekend. They live in the North East and we’re in the North West, so she doesn’t get to see our son as often as she might like. It had been about 3 weeks since she’d seen him so she popped down over the weekend.

Our son was happy, giggling away yo himself. She came in, said hi and picked him up.

And that’s when it happened. The bottom lip. The quivering, saddest, most upset looking bottom lip protrusion I have ever seen. That bottom lip is a cue. It tells me that within 5 seconds, my little fella will be bawling his eyes out.

Right. On. Cue.

He was a very unhappy little man. I took him back into my arms and he was fine again. Stranger anxiety at 4 months?! Is that possible?

He came around, of course, and within the hour was happily cooing away with his Nanna.

And then I got it again this morning. He has a toy elephant that he likes a lot. Or he did like a lot. This morning he decided it is terrifying. He was happily playing with his elephant and I, as I’ve done so many times before, picked it up, wiggled it around ande funny “elephant,” noises. He giggled at first. And then it came…. the bottom lip. And the bawling.

The bottom lip is incredible… it leaves you feeling so, so terrible!!

Incidentally, I wondered if the timely use of a bottom lip could help me get my own way. I really fancied a cup of tea last night so tried the bottom lip. My husband just thought it was weird.

Should add that to my list of things my son can get away with that I really can’t.


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