A Brilliant Dad

a brilliant dad
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This is one of my favourite photos.

a brilliant dad

My husband and our 4 month old son taking in the scenery on a sunny afternoon in the park. But it wasn’t just a one off. In fact, my other half is proving himself to be Super Dad.

I didn’t hold out much hope for him with childbirth. This is a 6 foot tall broad man who almost passed out when I had blood taken at one of my ante natal appointments. It’s the guy who turns away from fictional bloody on the telly.

As I said, I didn’t hold out much hope for childbirth and did advise my midwife that he might end up slumped in a corner a funny shade of green.

But I was wrong. Throughout a long 3 day pessary induction and waiting game, he stuck around and entertained me with Scrabble. He even went out to fetch a sneaky Domino’s when I realised one more hospital ready meal would send me to the brink. Through a drip induced labour and an epidural failure, he was there and was calm. He was even a calming influence on me.

When we were rushed to theatre for an emergency C section 7 or 8 hours into labour, he remained relatively calm. He sat by my head and reassured me. He didn’t pass out despite major abdominal surgery taking place on the other side of a not-so-big screen.

He didn’t faint when the little one was born. Instead, he held him steadily in his arms by my head so I could meet him.

He’s been just as impressive and steady since we brought our baby home too. He gets up in the night with our son, changes nappies, takes him early in the morning so I can get an extra couple of hours to sleep… he plays games with him, feeds him, holds him, nurses him to sleep, puts him to bed, takes him out walking… He does the washing that I rarely get around to doing because I’m working and looking after the little one. He gives me a lie in every weekend and goes out of his way to come to my Mum’s with me each week so our son can spend time with my family.

I’ve talked before about the fact that I returned to the office (2 days a week in the office) 6 weeks after giving birth. Well, in 3 weeks I go back to the office full time and my husband takes 26 weeks of Additional Paternity Leave.

I’m not looking forward to being away from the little one so much at such a young age. But it’s made a whole load easier knowing that he’ll be in the best possible hands – his Dad’s.

I had a feeling he’d be a dab hand at this parenting lark, but he’s exceeded all my expectations.



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