Rockets, Stones and Tonsillitis

rocket from a cardboard box
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Oliver has had a difficult few days. He appeared to be getting a cold on Thursday and was complaining of a “sore mouth.”

But by 5pm, his temperature was reading well over 39 and he had a rash on his chest and back. It appeared to be a non-blanching rash – though this could purely be because he wouldn’t sit still for long enough for me to roll the bloody glass properly!

It was enough to make me bundle him in the car for a trip to A&E.

As ever, our NHS medical staff were wonderful and reassured me in triage that they didn’t think it was meningitis, but that his temperature (which had risen again despite Calpol) warranted seeing the doctor.

3 and a bit hours laters and the doctor confirmed a nasty bout of tonsillitis.

Home we went with antibiotics and plenty of Calpol.

But Oliver has been a trooper. He’s very upset when trying to eat and has been unsettled at night, but during the day he just wants to crack on with life.

He’s been unsettled enough at night that I slept on a mattress in his room last night. So, naturally, I was greeted at 5:45 with a very loud,

“MAMA!! In Oliver’s room!”

By 6:30 I’d given up on the idea of getting anymore sleep and we were downstairs. Rather than sit on the sofa and feel sorry for himself (as I would like to do when I’m sick) he wanted to “make stuff.”

One hour and two empty bottles later and he was the proud owner of 2 rockets that he was running around the house pretending to fly with.

Later, he asked if he could go to “Duffstones,” (Dove Stone Reservoir) to throw stones in the water. He was sniffly, lethargic, full of a headache, had a terribly sore throat and the weather was dire. But he ran around after ducks and threw stones in the water like a champ.

Tonight, he’s very unsettled and really sick, but I’m sure he’ll be up for another day of adventure tomorrow.

Get well soon, you little hero xx

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