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Phonics and Spelling Resources for Reception Class Children

The Coronavirus crisis means we’re homeschooling. Well, we’re trying desperately to homeschool while we also try to work from home, manage our pandemic related anxiety, keep our homes looking like something vaguely passable as a habitable environment and NOT gain twenty-three stone.

Welcome to the world of parenting in a Covid-19 time.

But in all seriousness, it’s so important we stay home.

Our son is in Reception Class and his school have been so so supportive. They sent some resources home with our children on their last day and also sent a letter reminding us that it’s ok NOT to homeschool all the time. They told us explicitly that there/s incredible value (arguably more than in academic exercises) in things like crafting, going for a walk and doing jigsaws. So we’re not being too structured in our teaching. That said, where we’ve been doing specific phonics or number related work, we’ve found some resources to help.


twinkl reception phonics

In the light of the school closures, Twinkl has made a lot of resources available free of charge right here. This includes a downloadable pack (not just for Reception class but other class groups too). They include lots of resources including phonics.

Spelling Shed

spelling shed

With subscriptions starting at £30, this isn’t the cheapest option. Our son’s school subscribed and gave us logins though. However, if your child’s school hasn’t subscribed you could download the app for £2.99 and play some of the spelling games which have proven an absolute hit with our son. Resource Planning reception class planning

There’s a really helpful thread here that includes downloads that include phonics lesson planning from an infant school teacher. Free and really very detailed for those keen to keep up with more structured learning.

Phonics Play

Phonics Play free

Phonics Play has enabled free access during the school closures. This is a really fun and immersive way to help the little ones keep on top of their phonics.

Other Resources?

Got other phonics resources to help parents of Reception class children? Let us know 🙂


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