Mud Kitchens: Who’d Have Thought There was so Much Choice?

Mud Kitchens: Who’d Have Thought There was so Much Choice?
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The first time we visited East Riddlesden Hall, we ended up spending absolutely ages in the amazing little “Discovery Garden,” there. That’s because there’s an amazing mud kitchen there and our toddler just couldn’t get enough of it.

Since then, we’ve been looking to either make or buy our own outdoor mud kitchen as a way of entertaining our tot in the garden with some wholesome messy play. We’re hoping to be moving into a new home in the next few weeks and we’ll want a mud kitchen in the garden then.

Mud Kitchens – So Many Benefits

There are so, so many benefits of mud kitchens:

  • They’re outdoors and the more outdoor play the better
  • They’re really cost effective. To be honest, you could just get a bit of wood and, cheap kitchen utensils and a bad of soil and it would do the trick!!
  • Encourages role play type of play
  • Can be an activity a child enjoys either solo or with friends, siblings or others

We want one.

Of course, I would like to think I could make one. Let me reword that. I would like to think my husband could make one. But the reality is that we’re pushed for time and both lack the creativity and skills required to build our own.

So we’re buying a mud kitchen.

For us, it needs to fit a few criteria:

  • Outdoor friendly
  • Not overly expensive (mud pies should be cheap fun)
  • Not massive (we won’t have as much space in the garden in the new house)

So, I turned to good old Amazon and here are some of the best mud kitchens to buy I could find. I’ll be updating this post to let you know which one we end up buying and I’ll share some photos!

Mud Kitchens for Sale

Discovery Range Mud Pie Kitchen

Ok, so this is the dream one. But I’m having a hard time justifying that spend for what really could be replaced with a wooden pallet and some utensils. Nonetheless, I keep looking at it longingly. Somebody stop me. Please.

Kingfisher Potting Table

Ok, so maybe I’m cheating here. This isn’t technically a mud kitchen. It’s a potting table! But it would absolutely work as a mud kitchen and the price is better than a number of purpose build mud kitchens.

Mud Kitchen by Eden Play

Another less frugal option but I do love this one too – very rustic looking.

Woodside Potting Table

Another potting table option, this is a particularly frugal alternative to a purpose made mud pie kitchen. However, bearing in mind it isn’t build for children, you might need to put a step there too for smaller children, depending on their height.

Non Amazon Options

I also stumbled across this deal for £59.99!

mud kitchens for sale

Choices, Choices…

I’m trying to be frugal but my favourite is definitely the Discovery Range one. Maybe we’ll have to see whether Santa can muster up a mud kitchen!

Already got one? Let me know which one you chose and how your little ones are finding it!

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