Before Bed Cuddles – {The Ordinary Moments}

toddler and baby brothers
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Our toddler has taken incredibly well to being a big brother. When our second son was born, he bonded quickly with little by way of any problems. We had 2 nights where he didn’t go down to bed as well as usual, but it passed.

2 months on and he’s very much in love with his baby brother. We have started putting the baby in the big bath before our toddler goes in. Then, once they’re both bathed (and before our toddler gets his PJs on!) we have some time lying on Mummy and Daddy’s bed. We just lie and talk!

This is the time when Oliver just lies next to his brother holding his hand or his foot saying things like,

“Little baby foot,” or “Baby brother’s hand.”

He loves his baby cuddles at this time of night and I absolutely love watching them together.

The Ordinary Moments

The Ordinary Moments
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