sandwiches in the rain

Sandwiches in the Rain – {The Ordinary Moments}

It was pouring down yesterday. In fact, it has been pouring down for days now and it’s bloody miserable! But a little bit of rain doesn’t stop our toddler enjoying getting out and about. In fact, I think he prefers it!

Yesterday, we went out to a nature reserve near our house. It was, unsurprisingly, very quiet. Most people had seen the weather and thought better of it.

After a walk, our toddler wanted to stop and eat the sandwich we’d bought from the nearby tea rooms. We always stop to eat sandwiches when we go for a walk, so the weather was not going to stop him doing so this time.

We found a spot under a tea, sat down and had sandwiches while the tiny baby was kept dry by his rain cover.

I wonder if ham sandwiches taste better in the rain…

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