Crafty Parents, I Salute You

Playing with play doh planes
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Crafty parents, I salute you. As you browse the parenting boards on Pinterest you simply can’t miss the crafting genius of some parents.

Seriously, who can make a cardboard rocket that actually looks like it could take off?!

These people can.

Who can turn cardboard boxes into 2 storey car parking garages with roads?!

These people can.

My art teacher at school called me “the struggler.” The reality is, I have the crafting capabilities of a half dead goldfish.

So I always knew that the essential Mum duty of crafting with your toddler would present its own unique set of challenges.

But I try. Because my oldest son, at 2 years and 2 months of age, loves nothing more than getting a bit crafty with a Mother who makes stuff that looks nothing like what she claims it is.

Don’t believe me?!

Take a look at some of these beauties:

Cardboard Bus Garage

This was my bus garage. Does it look like a bus garage? No. It looks like a cardboard box with buses on it. Oliver loved it!!! 

He plays with this more than any of his actual (expensive) garages and proudly tells people,

“Oliver and Mummy made it.”

And here’s my response to being asked yesterday to make a blue plane from Play Doh:

play doh plane

What I made is not even close to looking like a plane.

But my son thought it was. In fact, he had me repeat my masterpiece in 6 colours. And the at the top of this post illustrates how he spent almost an hour of Sunday afternoon.

He loves my Play Doh “planes.”

So there. Bad crafting – a perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday.


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