Baby Wedding Outfits – This Week’s Obsession

Baby Wedding Outfits – This Week’s Obsession
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We’re off to a family wedding on Friday. It will be the first wedding either our two year old or our two month old have attended. But let’s not worry about the “OMG how will I keep my toddler quiet through the ceremony?” problem for now.

This week was all about baby wedding outfit shopping!

We’d already bought the toddler’s outfit a few weeks ago. We’ve gone for this little number from Next:

wedding outfits for baby boys

But our littlest man is growing at such a fast rate that we had to wait until the last minute so we know what size he’d be. That, of course, led to me doing an awful lot of baby boy wedding outfit browsing this week and cooing and “aahhing,” over them all.

I thought I’d share a few of my favourites!

4 Piece Waistcoat, Chinos, Shirt and Bow Tie Set

How cute is this?! This is an adorable light coloured 4 piece wedding outfit for baby boys. It starts at 0-3 months and goes right up to 2-3 years.

Grey Four Piece Waistcoat, Shirt, Trousers and Bowtie Set


Cutest little thing (we opted for this one). The maroon coloured bowtie is just adorable as well.

Mock Braces and Bowtie Romper

If you’re not sure about baby boy wedding outfits in too many pieces, then an all in one “faux” option might be better. We’ve gone with a romper with a printed bowtie and waistcoat as our back up outfit for when our baby invariably vomits all over himself or poos everywhere!

This outfit also has feet in the romper, so it saves battling with a pair of socks.

Heritage Shirt, Bowtie and Waistcoat

I love this from Mothercare. Gorgeous shit, waistcoat and bowtie easily matched with a pair of trousers for the complete baby boy outfit.

4 Piece Baby Boy Wedding Outfit with Chinos

A super stylish option with a blue shirt, darker blue waistcoat and white chinos. Let’s be honest – it takes a brave parent to dress a baby boy in anything white for a wedding. How long do you reckon it will stay white?! But so cute nonetheless. Just make sure there’s a bak up outfit in your bag!

Off to the Wedding!

Of course, I’ll be sharing photos afterwards, simply because it might be the only time ever I get to dress them both up while they’re so little ha!


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