A Few Days Off….

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My husband and I are taking 4 days off next week to spend some time with the little fella and family we have coming over from Tenerife. So looking forward to time to relax.

My Auntie and one of her sons are coming for a visit from Tenerife. She hasn’t met our little man yet. Plenty of FaceTime and video calls have taken place but she’s desperately looking forward to cuddles.

So far the forecast is looking good too. It looks like Manchester’s 3 annual days of summer might actually coincide with me not being in an office! Miracles can happen! Though I best not speak too soon.

How time off has changed

A year ago, if I were taking a few days off it would have been:

  • Lie in
  • Pub
  • Restaurants
  • A good film
  • Maybe a few days away in Europe somewhere

Now it’s:

  • Up bright and early (Oliver wakes at 6 most days!)
  • Out walking
  • Nappy changing
  • Game playing

And I can’t wait! I’m so, so looking forward to a few days with the little one and husband, a trip to Blackpool (cousin insists upon a theme park visit every time he comes over) and making most of the sunshine!


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