My 4 Month Baby is Sleeping… :-D

4 month old baby sleeping
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At one point, I thought he would never sleep more than an hour at a time. He was small at birth at 5lb 9 and for the first couple of weeks of life rarely took really small feeds.

We were told, “you’ll notice a difference at 6 weeks.” When we didn’t, it was, “ah it’ll all change at 12 weeks.” It didn’t.

His sleeps were getting gradually longer. By 12 weeks he would go 2 – 2.5 hours at a time, but it was still exhausting. But for the past couple of weeks, the amount of milk he’s taking and, in turn, the length of night time sleeps he’s taking, has increased.

For 10 or so of the past 14 nights, he’s gone down at 7 – 7:30, woken once (between 1 and 2) and then gone through until 6am.

A year ago, if you’d offered me that sleeping pattern I’d have laughed. I used to sleep 10 hours per night at weekends! But now it feels like a gift.

He’s teething, but that hasn’t so far caused him too many problems with his sleep. The blinds in the bedroom keep most of the light out so he isn’t disturbed by the 4am sunrise. And when he does wake for his feed, he tends to go straight back down again.

I know this could all revert any point, but for now, I am going to consider this a win and enjoy the extra sleep.


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