Quarry Bank Mill with a Toddler – Our Review

quarry bank mill review
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Another summer week and another National Trust day out for us. This time we headed off to Quarry Bank Mill, Cheshire (very close to Manchester Airport).

We were interested in seeing the “Worst Children’s Jobs,” exhibition, that we thought would appeal to our toddler.

Quarry Bank Mill – Quick Review

We absolutely loved:

  • Lovely cafe
  • Super playground for the children
  • Changing facilities
  • Spacious gardens for the toddler to run around in!

Quarry Bank Price and Location

Parking at Quarry Bank is free and there are lots of lovely walks in the area. So you can enjoy the views without spending a penny if you like! The playground is also accessible without a ticket.

The prices to access the garden and mill are:

  • £18.15 (£20 Gift Aid) for adults
  • £9 (or £10 gift aid) for children aged 5 or over
  • Under 5s are free
  • National Trust Members are free

You’ll find Quarry Bank at:

Our Day at Quarry Bank

We weren’t sure what the weather was going to do, with the potential for rain in the forecast, but we thought we’d chance it. Oliver is 2 and a half and loves to be outside regardless of the weather.

Quarry Bank Mill PlaygroundWe parked up and walked down the hill to the mill. Our first stop was the cafe for sandwiches and then the playground.

There’s a climbing net, swing, tunnel and a big slide amongst other play equipment. While this is by no means the biggest or best National Trust Playground, for a toddler it’s absolutely great and Oliver was entertained here for a good half hour.

From there it was over to the gardens for us. There’s a large lawn at the entrance to the gardens with croquet and also a “find the mole,” type game for the little ones. Oliver got as much joy out of just running around though!

The gardens themselves are absolutely spectacular – so well maintained and beautiful to explore. Do note, however, that they’re very hilly and not ideal for a pram!


At the time we visited, there was an exhibition on about the Worst Children’s Jobs. It’s educational and entertaining too, as the kids get to turn their hand at some of the tasks that children would have been expected to carry out when they worked in this mill.

Here’s Oliver’s “stone picking.” Far from finding it one of the “worst jobs,” he absolutely loved it.

When we went into the mill itself, there were loads of other “jobs,” the kids could try out, like being a chimney sweep or cleaning up horse muck. Oliver had a bash at doing the laundry! Might try to put him to work at home!

All in all this was a great way to spend an afternoon. It’s about 45 minutes from where we live and I think we’ll definitely head back there when there’s another exhibition or event!


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