For the Love of Paints and Pens

toddler painting
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Our eldest son has his 2 year assessment the other day and one of the questions we’d had to fill in on the little questionnaire related to him scribbling.

The Health Visitor just happened to mention that she goes to huge number of houses now where there simply aren’t pens and paints for children to play with.

“It’s all iPads now…” she told me.

Now, make no mistake. We have iPads in the house and our oldest son enjoys time on it. I’m guilty of using the iPad as a distraction tool when I need 10 minutes to get something done too! #naughtymummy

But the idea that there wouldn’t be pens and paper for toddlers saddens me. Our little guy really enjoys scribbling and painting.

toddler painting

That photo was taken just three minutes before he kindly repainted our kitchen colours in a loud combination of reds, neon yellow and green. Beautiful.

But it washes!

We’ve got boxes full of pens, papers, paints and other crafty bits – a much better way to pass a rainy afternoon than the iPad. I really hope our son continues to enjoy drawing and scribbling!

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