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Fun at Lancaster Farm Park, Chadderton, Oldham

Lancaster Farm Park is only a short drive from our house, so we go there quite frequently. We started taking Oliver when he was about 18 months and usually visit every 3 or 4 months.

The Quick Rating

We’d rate Lancaster Farm Park a 4/5

We go back time and time again for a few reasons:

  • Really large number of animals
  • Great playground
  • Loads of walking space
  • Good value

If you’d like a more detailed review, read on!

Lancaster Farm Park Reviews – What Everyone Else Thinks

For those interested in reviews apart from mine, here’s how it currently stands at the time of writing.

  • Lancaster Farm Park has over 280 reviews on Tripadvisor at the moment and averages 4.5/5

Lancaster Farm Park Location, Address and Postcode

Lancaster Farm Park Prices and Opening Times

Lancaster Farm Park is one of the best value family farm parks we’ve been to. Prices:

  • Adults – £3.50
  • Children aged 1 and over – £4.00
  • Children under 12 months – free

There are extras you can buy when there too – more on those below:

  • A small bucket of animal feed (usually carrots or bread) – £1.00
  • Caterpillar ride – £1.00
  • Rooster Rally – £1.50
  • Digger Island – £1.00

The park is open on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Our Review of Lancaster Farm Park, Oldham

Lancaster Farm Park Feeding HorsesLancaster Farm Park is one of the biggest such parks we’ve been to, both in terms of how many animals there are and the size of the farm open to the public. As well as a petting barn and fenced enclosures near the entrance, there is also a huge area of fields and canal side paths to walk around.

Close to the entrance at the top, there’s a number of little ponies, goats and “Mr Moustachio.” In the picture here you can see my husband and son feeding Mr Moustachio, a huge (and somewhat smelly, if we’re honest) horse. My little boys absolutely loves that horse though! Half his bucket of feed usually goes there.

Lancaster Farm Park Rooster RallyUp by the entrance there’s also Rooster Rally, a sort of electronic quad bike attraction on a little track. It’s a bit too big for toddlers on their own, but you can easily fit an adult and a toddler on. It’s £1 a go (coin inserted straight into the little car) and this invariably ends up costing us about a fiver a visit with a toddler who thinks it’s the greatest thing ever! It’s a lovely little attraction though that the kids typically really like! It would be good if the track were a little bigger – as soon as there’s two or three people on it.

Feeding the animals at Lancaster Farm Park

It’s not the only extra in the farm. There are buckets of feed you can buy with the option of bread or carrots. We opt for carrots simply because I’ve read that bread isn’t good for a lot of farm animals. It’s worth buying these as there are loads of opportunities to feed the animals. Our boy LOVES doing that! Tip – don’t empty your bucket at the top part of the farm. There are loads of animals as you walk around the huge fields and paths at the bottom too. To be honest, we could easily go through three or four buckets of feed in a single visit to the farm.

Lancaster Farm Park Digger IslandThe other paid for attraction on the farm is Digger Island – just little ride on diggers (£1 each) over sandpits to let the kids dig in the sand. This is another popular spot with our son:

The final extra attraction on the farm park is the Caterpillar, a train of little carriages that are pulled across the fields by a tractor. Again, for toddlers and little children, it’s best they’re accompanied by an adult and it can be a tight squeeze! But it’s a lot of fun.

Lancaster Park Caterpillar Ride

We think that Lancaster Farm Park is cracking value for money. The only reasons our review doesn’t score higher than a 4 are:

  • There’s a little food van but nowhere indoors to eat. So if the weather is bad, there are no options really
  • Similarly, while the outdoor play areas are fantastic, there is no indoor play area

That said, there’s construction taking place on the site at the moment, so hopefully the new building will house additional facilities for visitors!

The car park gets a little crowded at times too.

But on the whole, this is a fantastic little farm in Oldham and represents amazing value! I’d definitely recommend visiting.


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