Flying with a Baby (Easyjet)

flying with a 7 month old baby easyjet
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flying with a 7 month old baby easyjet

We’ve not long since returned from Oliver’s first holiday. He was just under 7 months when we left. We decided to go and spend a week in Tenerife at the end of September staying with my family. It’s handy having that option. I really didn’t fancy the prospect of a week in a hotel with the little man.

The one thing we were dreading was the prospect of a 4 hour flight each way from Manchester to Tenerife. Our little man isn’t afraid to exercise his lungs when he’s restless and the idea of a cramped Easyjet flight was one we were worried about, particularly as, on the way there, we were flying through his bedtime.

Flying with Babies on Easyjet

Say what you like about the no frills airline that is Easyjet, but we found them to be very accommodating in terms of what you can take on board for a baby. Unlike most other airlines, Easyjet allow you to check 2 additional items for baby at no cost. This might be a pushchair and a travel cot, or in our case, a pushchair and a car seat. We’d bought a popup travel cot that fitted in a suitcase, so that worked out well.

They also allow those travelling with infants to board first, which makes it much easier to get on board and settled without holding people up.

Our Flight

On the way out, Oliver fell asleep before take off and slept for a remarkable 3 hours. He always sleeps better when he’s lying on me or my husband so he didn’t seem to have a problem at all with being attached to me for the duration.

He woke about an hour before landing and as we started our descent and his ears popped, we had some tears. But it was brief. 5 minutes or so and by the time we landed he was chirpy again.

On the way back, we were flying at lunch time. He slept for an hour or so but was awake for the remainder of the flight and was quite happy just playing with his toys and noseying at the other passengers on the flight. No tears.

We were relieved to have had such a straightforward time of it, but I won’t get complacent! I’ll probably be equally as worried next time I’m flying with him.

It was well worth trawling all that stuff and flying out. Our little fella had a great time:

holiday with 7 month old baby

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