And then there were two (teeth)

teething first two front teeth
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Teething. What a nightmare.

I’d hoped the little one might be relatively ok with his teething. When he first started showing the signs, he handled it remarkably well. But as he approached the 6 month mark, he was getting incredibly uncomfortable. When it came to bedtime, our once┬árelaxed, enjoyable bed time routine became quite a task. He’d be shoving his fists in his mouth and chomping down on them while crying.

His cold teethers offered some relief temporarily. Bonjela the same. Calpol helped to get him off to sleep, but he’d wake in discomfort a lot crying in the middle of the night.

Poor little thing. We all know how awful toothache feels

And then just before he turned 7 months, we noticed two little teeth poking through the bottom gum.

teething first two front teeth

Oliver shows off his two front teeth

They’re growing nicely now. We had two weeks after they first poked through┬áwhere he was in a lot of pain but he seems to be getting a temporary reprieve at the moment.

For now… I’m all too aware that it won’t be long before the next ones are forcing their way through.

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