17 Places My Son’s Mega Bloks Hide

mega bloks get everywhere
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mega bloks get everywhere

We bought our son some Mega Bloks and a cute little Mega Bloks table for Christmas. It would be generous of me to say he likes building. He does like to destroy things everyone else builds, mind… But the single most important lesson I’ve learnt about Mega Bloks is just how they get literally¬†everywhere.¬†

Here are 17 places I’ve found Mega Bloks.

  1. In the shower
  2. In the dishwasher
  3. In the toilet
  4. In my laptop bag (during a meeting, no less)
  5. In the back of the car
  6. In the front of the car
  7. In my underwear drawer
  8. In the bin
  9. Under the cushions on the sofa
  10. Stuffed under the treadmill
  11. In the fridge
  12. In my coat pocket
  13. In my Nanna’s coat pocket
  14. In my bed
  15. In my wardrobe
  16. In my shoes
  17. In the larder

Seriously, do they multiply by themselves?!


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