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Dear Webmaster, I would love to write for your site and attach my article in which I would like 17 million links back to my site.

Please don’t send me s**t like that.

I get it. You’ve Googled some combination of “write for us,” and “parenting blog,” or something similar and you’ve landed here. Your next step is to add me to a list of Mum blogs that accept guest posts and hit me with a generic copy and paste email offering me some absolutely jaw droppingly amazing content in exchange for links back to a random website.

I’m just not up for that, ok?

I work in a digital marketing. I get it! And I find transparent emails from people who want a link for the least effort possible pretty annoying.

What I Do Accept

Ok, so there’s my rant. But I am open to people writing on One Small Human. Having other people contribute here brings a new perspective and a different writing style and that can only be a good thing, right?

I also get that people who contribute to other sites want exposure (and links!) and I’m happy to provide both. BUT – first and foremost the content needs to be right and relevant. There are a few guidelines here:

  • Content here should be family related or family travel related. It should offer something new, not already said, and be written in a personable style and tone
  • What does the reader get out of it? Entertainment? Advice? Useful information about a product or place? Put the people reading this at the forefront of your mind.
  • Please don’t send me full articles. Send me an intro first and a few loose ideas about what you might want to write about.
  • I will happily include editorially relevant links in the content and links to social profiles.
  • There are some sites I simply will not link to under any circumstances. At all. I won’t link to payday loans sites, adult sites or pharmaceutical sites. Not a chance.
  • I don’t post promotional content. Everything written here has to be based on an actual opinion and can’t simply be someone saying something nice cos someone paid them for it.

What Next?

Drop me an email on the address below and introduce yourself, tell me what you’d like to write about etc. Then we’ll take it from there 🙂

Please don’t send me “Dear Webmaster,” spam or full articles.

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