Holding Hands and a 5 Hour Stretch – Parenting Wins Wednesday

Holding Hands and a 5 Hour Stretch – Parenting Wins Wednesday
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So, I’m taking part in a new link up from arepops.com called Parenting Wins Wednesday. This is all about a little high five about something your little ones achieved this week.

It comes at a good time for me. It’s been a couple of days of little wins.

First of all, my eldest (who is not long since 2) appears to┬áhave finally overcome is urge to NEVER hold hands on the street. The timing of this couldn’t be better. With an 8 week old baby as well, I have my hands very much full taking them both out. Our toddler always has his bag (with the reins style strap) on so he can never run too far. But getting him to stop trying to run off at 20 mph as soon as he is unleashed from the car is a win.

Center Parcs Whinfell Forest with a 2 year old

And as for the other little win – our youngest is proving (so far, touch wood) a much better sleeper than our eldest was. The past couple of nights we’ve enjoyed a snooze from midnight to 5am before he’s woken for a feed and then another couple of hours after that before he wants to get up.

I think our eldest was almost a year before he did a single 5 hour stint, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that this will be relatively consistent. Though of course, things change all the time…

Nonetheless, it’s felt like a good couple of days of parenting wins this week!


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