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Gulliver’s World Warrington Review – Based on a Visit with a 20 Month Old Toddler

We visited Gulliver’s World in Warrington on a fairly cloudy Saturday in October and arrived for opening time. Perhaps that’s why it was reasonably quiet. Of course, visiting with a toddler, we weren’t looking for big adrenalin pumping rides. Instead, we were looking for (preferably car based) smaller rides for our son to enjoy.

Our review is written with that in mind.

Gulliver’s World Warrington – The Quick Review

If you want the quick version:

Our rating is a 5/5.

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Now, I say that based on our son’s experience. At the time we visited he was 20 months old. I don’t think it would necessarily be the theme park of choice for much older children and it definitely isn’t where you go looking for white knuckle rides (nor does it claim to be).

If you want to read a bit more about our day, carry on…

Gulliver’s World with a Toddler

There was plenty of vacant parking when we got to Gulliver’s World, though we were there at opening time. We had not prebooked tickets, so turned up on the day and still didn’t have to queue. We were in in no time, having not had to pay for our son because he was under 90cm.

Our little boy absolutely loved the park itself and its design. Even just walking around was something he enjoyed.

Gulliver’s Land Rides for Toddlers

Our son went on lots of rides accompanied by either me or his Daddy. He went on:

  • Gully’s Grand Prix (he insisted on going on this at least 4 times!)
  • Tractor Ride
  • Dino Safari Tours
  • Veteran Cars
  • Ladybird Ride
  • Big Top Soft Play tent

He also spent a lot of time in Gully Town, which is a large indoor area for younger children. There’s a little ride ons area, pretend shops, a soft play area and a fantastic kids’ play house. There are playgrounds all over the place too, which he really enjoyed.

What we loved:

  • The park is a reasonable size but not huge. This worked well with a toddler!
  • The park is very pushchair friendly
  • The few rides our son went on were great for toddlers of his age
  • Having playgrounds dotted around the place was just fantastic for our son

What we didn’t like…

  • As ever, food and drink prices are certainly inflated compared to the High Street. It’s not ideal, but to be fair, we didn’t find food and drink here as pricey as at other attractions.

A Few Photos…

veteran cars gullivers world   On a horse in the Western World

Will we go back?

We’ll definitely be back. Our oldest is now 2 and will probably want to go on more rides this time around, so we’ll probably pay a visit before the end of the summer.


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