Cockfields Farm, Ashton – Our Review

Cockfields Farm Play area
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We hadn’t planned to do any days out this weekend. Firstly, we’ve just returned from Center Parcs. And secondly, my husband was away on a stag do. So we had no big plans. But my Auntie fancied a little afternoon out so we decided to head off to Cockfields Farm for a couple of hours.

Cockfields Farm – Our Rating

We’d give it a 4.5/5.

Now, we’ve been to Lancaster Farm Park (Oldham) a few times and enjoyed it. Cockfields Farm is in Ashton, not far from Lancaster Farm Park at all. I’d heard mixed reviews but always like to try something for myself. So with a newborn and toddler in tow, we headed off.

We arrived quite late in the day and there had been a Peppa Pig picnic event much earlier. That probably explains why it was fairly quiet. No complaints from me though. I’m not a fan of packed out places with children.

Cockfields Farm Prices

At the time we visited, prices were as follows:

  • £5.95 per adult
  • £6.95 for children over 1
  • Free for children under 1
  • £1.20 for a bag of animal feed

I thought the price was quite high for children compared with other farm parks I’ve visited (not just in the North West but all over the country) but it’s not a bad price if you get a toddler occupied for a couple of hours.

Cockfields Farm Review

There’s a lovely cafe area and play area in the area in which you enter. It’s in there that you’ll also find the reptile house and tortoise. This area is big. spacious and warm too.

From there you walk through to the main barn which houses a few sheep, a couple of cows, a couple of pigs, reindeer, llamas and chickens. Aside from the animals, there’s a sandpit here, ride on quad track for tots and plenty of pedal tractors for the children to enjoy. It’s a great little play area.

You get outside from here and there are goats, small animals like rabbits and what not and the donkeys to find.

All in all, we thought it was actually a bit smaller than other farms we’ve been to. That said, it was plenty big enough for our 2 year old. Perhaps it would be a little on the small side for an older child.

It was the play areas, rather than the animals, that we were impressed with. The indoor sandpit, climbing frame and slides in the first barn followed by another sandpit in the main barn were great for our toddler. Add to that the fact there are pedal tractors all over the place and the little one absolutely loved it.

They also run lots of activities through the day like bottle feeding lambs, handling small animals etc.


2 coffees and a child’s lunch box containing a drink, yoghurt, miniature packet of biscuits and a sandwich came in at just over £8. That seems like reasonable value for a family attraction.

Will we be back?

If I wanted to see loads of animals and get a big outdoor walk, it wouldn’t be my first port of call. There are bigger farms with more animals in the North West. But if you wanted a smaller farm with enough animals to entertain the kids for an hour or so and plenty to play with, then this is a great choice.

As for us? We will definitely be back. It’s the right size for our little one and he thoroughly enjoyed his afternoon.

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