enjoying the sunshine in the rain

Making the Most of the British Sunshine – {The Ordinary Moments}

We had another 2 or 3 really lovely sunny days in the North West this week. I’m still on maternity leave at present, so it meant plenty of garden time.

We do all sorts in the garden – from playing football, to treasure hunts and hide and seek. But Oliver always comes right back to the bubble machine as a firm favourite. The top photo is Oliver in his sun hat trying to “catch,” a bubble. I love this photo of him.

Whenever we’re out in the garden, we bring Ethan out and pop him in his bouncer in the shade. He’s over 3 months now and sleeps very well at night. During the day, he typically just cat naps in short stints.

He loves being out in the garden watching Oliver playing around. Here he is one one of the hotter days of the week out in the garden in the shade.

The weather took a turn towards the end of the week and it’s been a bit grey, wet and miserable for a few days. Not that it stops our tot from enjoying the outdoors of course. But here’s hoping for a few more sunny days over the next few weeks too!

The Ordinary Moments


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