The Best Paddling Pools for Toddlers and Young Children

Best Paddling Pools
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Some of my favourite childhood memories are of paddling pool days in the garden. And it’s the same for my sons. They both just LOVE playing with water in the garden. And when we tell them they can have the paddling pool out, it’s like Christmas. But warmer.

So with the warm days (hopefully) upon us, here’s our take on the best paddling pools for your toddlers and children.

Bestway Aquarium Themed Paddling Pool with Small Slide

This has to be my top pick because it’s the one we use all the time in our garden.

It’s affordable at just £39.95 and it comes with inflatable aquarium themed toys and a little slide. This fits in a relatively small space, it’s shallow (which is much better for our toddler and quicker to fill up). And there’s lots of space in it!

Our boys love this paddling pool.

Pirate Themed Paddling Pool

Arrr! This is one for the budding little pirates. Pirate themed with a little slide, this is another paddling pool that is shallow and fills relatively quickly. The inflatable accessories make for plenty of fun and you don’t need a huge space to put this one up either.

Inflatable Slide with Paddling Pool

So this one is a little (or a lot) indulgent at over £300! But if you have regular garden parties, plenty of space and lots of kids around, it could be a sound investment.

This is huge – definitely not the best paddling pool for a small garden. But the climbing wall, large inflatable slide and paddling pool at the bottom is sure to be an absolute hit over summer with children of all ages.

Unicorn Paddling Pool

A sure fire hit with unicorn fans, this small paddling pool is an affordable £35 with sprinklers and a beautiful unicorn design. This one’s incredibly handy for those with smaller outdoor spaces.

Mushroom Baby Paddling Pool

This is an adorable little paddling pool designed for younger toddlers and babies. It’s teeny tiny with a mushroom style top to keep it shaded.

At just over £12, it’s also an absolute bargain. And it wraps up small enough to take with you on those family breaks!

Best Paddling Pools

Whichever one you choose, the kids will love it, we’re sure. So here’s to summer, to unpredictable British weather, barbecues when it’s barely warm enough, mowing the lawn when the sun makes an appearance and letting the kids run wild in the garden. Have a fantastic summer of paddling pool fun.

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