Anchor It and Protect Your Child – Shocking Video

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I just came across an incredibly hard hitting video released by the American Consumer Product Safety Commission. The CPSC is running a campaign called, “Anchor It,” which encourages parents to anchor furniture to prevent it falling on toddlers. Take a look at the video:

Each time I see it, it makes me gasp out loud. And the statistics are alarming. In the US, 2 children a month are killed by an appliance, TV or piece of furniture falling on them.

My little one is just about 4 months… nowhere near toddling and climbing. But as he’s already trying his hardest to crawl (having started rolling over at 9 weeks!) we are becoming acutely aware of how much we have to do to childproof our house! This makes me sick to the stomach…

Time to start hammering everything to the floor!

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